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       Welcome to George Mason University's Online Resources for Developmental Psychology, an organized, accessible, and expert reviewed collection of useful websites for teaching and learning about human development.

This website was originally designed for use in developmental psychology courses in the Psychology Department at George Mason University (Psyc 211 - Developmental Psychology, Psyc 313 - Child Ps ychology, Psyc 314 - Adolescent Psychology, Psych 415 - Psychological Factors in Aging, Psyc 592 - Death, Dying, and Grieving, Psych 614 - The Psychology of Aging, Psyc 704 - Life-Span Development), however, other users from around the world are also welc ome.

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This online resource can be used by instructors of developmental psychology, and related courses, in a variety of ways, including, for example:

  1. as assigned (or optional) supplementary reading,
  2. as material for web-based assignments,
  3. as a source for in-class (or out of class) online demonstrations and tutorials,
  4. as an ancillary instructor's guide for additional lecture ideas and material.

This online resource can be used by students of developmental psychology, and related courses, in a variety of ways, including, for example:

  1. as supplementary reading,
  2. as a gateway to web-based literature searching for research papers, and/or
  3. as a self-instructional learning tool for supplementary (or remedial) online, interactive tutorials, quizzes, and study guides.

This site will be periodically updated as additional relevant sites come to my attention. However, few new sites will come to my attention unless you are kind enough to let me know of other pages/resources that should be included here. So, please email me, Adam Winsler, if you would like to recommend a site for inclusion.

Funding for this project was/is provided by the Psychology Department, and the College of Arts and Sciences, George Mason University.

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